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Are you ready to find the keys to unlocking hidden potential and driving your business towards success?

Our team can help you unlock your business’s full potential, providing you with expertise and advice so you can focus on growing your business. Book a Sidekick Session now!!!

What is a Sidekick Session?

Introducing the Sidekick Session – your key to unlocking hidden potential and driving your business towards greater success. This 30-60 minute session reveals the exciting gap between where your financial numbers stand today and where they could soar to tomorrow.

Imagine having the ability to visualise the possibilities and opportunities that await your business. With only a few data points, watch as your Sidekick can show you where you’re missing out on growth in profit, business value, and most importantly, cash.

Here’s where the magic happens: the Sidekick Session will transform financials into visual opportunities. By inputting your data, we will model the impact of strategic improvements on your cashflow, profits, and business value. It’s a game-changer for your financial strategy.

We believe in simplicity, so we won’t overwhelm you with countless opportunities. Instead, we’ll guide you towards the 2-3 opportunities that can make the biggest impact. And don’t worry about getting lost in the details; that’s what our advisory services are for.

When you’re done, we’ll generate a report summarizing your opportunities and their impact on your cashflow, profit, and business value. It’s your personalized action plan for financial growth! You can take that report and get started on achieving these results or book a cashflow profit improvement meeting with your Sidekick to work with you on some tactics to reach your new targets.

Increase sales

Improve profit margin

Increase cashflow

Improve ROI

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Why Sidekick?



We don’t just say we know Xero– we can prove it with 3500+ Xero business subscribers we look after. Sidekick has always been leading the way in New Zealand local practice accountancy with Xero.



As the World’s First Platinum Partner you can be confident Sidekick can help you maximise your Xero experience.  We’ve been experts with Xero since day one and we have been delivering fixed fee accountancy around Xero since 2010.



As well as on the job experience, Sidekick has invested in formal training with Xero, making sure our knowledge is sharp and up-to-date in the rapidly evolving eco-system.